Inspired Thru Nature

Spiritual Healing

For most of us, our lives are spent on a journey searching and looking for that which will most fulfill us.
In our own way we are yearning to be healed.

We spend a lifetime experiencing an endless amount of years looking for open doors and waiting for responses to a surmountable amount of un-answered questions.
As these experiences develop into character, they eventually define who we are to ourselves and to the world.
From the beginning of the first day of our lives, we began, learning life’s lessons, applying our gift of free will and discerning how we will choose to use the freedom of choice. This entire journey is to gain the understanding of our life’s purpose.

What if we could stay in our present state of consciousness and truly experience each and every moment of our lives with clear vision and clarity. If we could live with the understanding of our negotiated contractual agreement with GOD, willing to except and learn the lessons of this life.

SPIRITUAL HEALING will remove trapped fear. Fear that reveals itself through our own negative human tendencies and weaknesses. Emotional fear, such as; anger, remorse, resentment, grief, depression, sadness etc.
Human suffering in this manner will always interfere with the development of your spiritual growth. SPIRITUAL HEALING will remove the level of consciousness where these fears manifest. With the knowing that fear will never positively serve you, this healing will release these fears and change your life forever!
Then and ONLY then, can you truly connect to who you are ,why you are here, and what lies deep within the depths of your soul.

SPIRITUAL HEALING is tapping into the love and forgiveness of your heart and creating the Christ like consciousness of Joy and happiness.