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Ear Candling

What is an ear candle? An ear candle is a hollow cone which is tapered at one end. It is made from beeswax soaked in unbleached cotton muslin or linen and is round 9 – 12 inches long.

Where did this therapy come from? Ear candling or coning is an alternative therapy treatment which dates to the year 2500 B.C.
Ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Essences, Mayans, Tibetans, Chinese, Indians, and the Orient have all shown evidence of participating in this ancient practice. It is still used today all over the world. In Fact, in Germany, medical students must learn about ear candling as a part of their studies.

What do you do? The smoke and warmth soften the hardened ear wax which allows your body to excrete it naturally. The candle is inserted into the ear gently but firmly to create a seal with the outer ear canal.
Then the opposite end is lit on fire. As the candle burns, the client will experience a crackling sound as smoke and warmth enters the ear. After about 15 minutes the candle burns down about 4 inches, then scissors are used to cut the ash away. The remaining candle is then cut open and can reveal wax withdrawn from the ear canal. Another positive result of ear candling that Mally’s (1996) study found is that Middle ear infections seem to respond very quickly to ear candling. The vacuum and smoke seem to kill any aerobic bacteria in the ear.

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